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Horizon Worlds’ VR metaverse is coming to web and mobile


Meta has also begun testing “members-only worlds” with exclusive content.

Meta announced this week that it has given a select group of users the ability to grow and moderate their own communities by creating “members-only worlds.” These enclosed spaces feature exclusive virtual reality content accessible by a carefully selected group of worlds horizon users

According to an official press release, creators can invite up to 150 members to each world as part of the alpha test. Each members-only world can support up to 25 concurrent visitors at a time. Here users can participate in a variety of multiplayer activities, such as organizing a book club, attending a support group, meeting friends and family, and more.

Credit: Goal

“Each community develops its own norms, etiquette, and social rules over time as it fosters a unique culture. To enable that, we will provide the tools that allow creators of member-only worlds to set the rules for their communities and maintain those rules for their closed spaces,” the company said in a statement. official release.

“Creators can choose whether or not to share their moderation responsibilities with other trusted group members and decide whether to allow members to visit the world without a creator or moderator present,” they added. “Everyone will always have the ability to report worlds to Meta and report others for behavior that violates our Code of Conduct for Virtual Experiences.”

Credit: Goal

In addition to member-only worlds, worlds horizon it will also expand to additional platforms beyond VR. Meta’s social VR metaverse will soon be available on the web as well as mobile, allowing those without a Quest 2 or Quest Pro VR headset the ability to jump into the action.

As mentioned above, Meta is partnering with a select group of worlds horizon users as part of ongoing alpha testing. This test is designed to confirm that creators have the tools to properly moderate and grow their members-only worlds.

For more information, see the official statement. here.

Image Credit: Meta


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