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OYA Resorts Launches NFT Membership Models


Clockwise from top left: OYA location in Virginia; OYA’s New York location; one of OYA’s many healing experiences; a trip to the OYA spa.

OYA Resorts;

OYA Resorts, where rooms average $450 per night and large private villas, up to $1,500 per night, offers 1,500 members the opportunity to purchase a lifetime membership at exclusive member-only OYA Resorts through their local NFTs , global and corporate. Those with lifetime memberships will enjoy personalized experiences not offered with a standard membership and will not incur the standard $1,999 annual membership dues.

OYA is not the traditional volume-driven hospitality complex, but a platform focused on an individually curated and personalized experience. The current and future resorts have a boutique environment with a maximum limit of 60 guests, spread over a vast land of between 100 and 250 acres to guarantee the absolute privacy of all members.

While OYA locations offer all the high-end luxuries of traditional resorts, including private chefs and signature spa services, longevity retreats offer an experience that a “traditional” resort doesn’t. OYA’s cabins are designed and built to experience how nature and its elements work, an open-air spa that celebrates ancient wisdom and tradition, holistic chefs who prepare farm-to-table meals, and a team of experts who introduce members to the latest and greatest technologies available to achieve one’s longevity goals. Visitors can also choose to be in full control of their daily routine: use the facilities to explore their own inner potential, explore the gardens and AI-operated aquaponic containers that harvest the produce, cook their own meals, and set their own hours.

Lifetime memberships range from $1K for a local level membership to $5K for a global membership. Lifetime membership holders will have access to one (local membership) or all OYA locations (global membership) when they choose. OYA locations, opening this year, include The Catskills in upstate New York, Virginia, and the Dominican Republic.

Global Lifetime Membership gives members lifetime access to all three current locations and all future OYA locations. In addition to the three current locations, OYA plans to open an additional resort on the island of Zakynthos in Greece and a safari resort in Rwanda, both scheduled to open in 2025.

As part of OYA’s on-site wellness services, guests can expect at each location to have access to the latest technologies in biohacking and health tracking to create individualized health plans. They will experience a one-of-a-kind ancient trail, a trail of global indigenous structures where they can participate in indigenous healing rituals and be transported to that part of the world while doing so.

Due to the limited capacity of the resorts, until further notice, OYA will launch only several thousand memberships worldwide.


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