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playNomm will hold Asia’s largest NFT Festival, ‘Korea NFT Festival’ in March 2023


SEOUL, KOREA, Feb 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — NFT Marketplace playNomm (CEO Sung-Uk Moon) and Superchief Gallery NFT will host Asia’s number one NFT Conference ‘NFT Korea Festival’ on March 7-8 from 2023. at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP).

The NFT Korea Festival is the largest gathering of Web3 and NFT industry leaders, artists and enthusiasts in Asia. There will be more than 120 top NFT artists for the main NFT show. Superchief Gallery NFT, the world’s first physical IRL NFT gallery in the United States, is curating NFT art for this festival and is introducing the best NFT artists to the Korean NFT market. With world-renowned NFT artists, such as Shavonne Wong, Equinoz, Davey Perkins, NFTs from Korean artists will also be on display. With the concept of East meets West, the collaboration of these art pieces will be another exciting time to experience. With the high quality of Korean display technologies, these incredible works of art will be displayed on amazing displays.

This Korea NFT Festival is one of the biggest gatherings in Asia, there will be many star guests and speakers participating in this festival, which will allow for a great networking event to meet everyone. These star players from the Web3 and NFT industries will share their vision and ideas to grow the healthy Web 3.0 industry.

There will also be various events for the participants and artists, such as the NFT Artist Award, the Blue-chip NFT Airdrop Event, an exciting after party, and many more.

Superchief Gallery is an independent, artist-run gallery founded in 2012 by Edward Zipco and Bill Dunleavy in Brooklyn, New York. Superchief has a history of supporting underground artists from disparate scenes and collectives, allowing them to participate on the global stage. In 2016, Superchief opened its first digital art gallery focused entirely on digital native artists. This was done to establish the digital artwork as a legitimate voice on the art scene and discourse. They are very active in the industry and held many important events with OpenSea, Superrare, Foundation, etc.

The NFT 2.0 marketplace playNomm, the first platform of the LeisureMetaverse project, is based on its self-developed main leisureMetaverse blockchain network. Using its exceptional Act To Earn (A2E) reward model and Tokenomics, playNomm will showcase and bring together NFT collectors and enthusiasts back into the industry through this festival.

“We believe that this NFT Korea Festival will become one of the global NFT festivals, such as NFT NYC, NFT LA, NFT Paris, NFT London, and together, it will give the NFT industry a chance to grow and appreciate the future. playNomm, as the global NFT hub, plans to hold this festival every year and do everything possible to rejuvenate the current NFT market,” playNomm said.

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